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Nuclear Threat?

“I really feel we must be praying for a real restraining of nuclear escalations in this hour, like my dream warned a year ago.”—Melissa Haskins

Today I want to share with you an urgent prayer request from my friend Melissa Haskins. US Naval warships have been sent to block Iranian weapons shipments, and she is sensing a strong warning to pray.

I’ve known Melissa to be accurate prophetically over many years on national issues. A year ago, she had a warning dream. Though the dream was centered in Washington DC, it seems very relevant to the current potential of a Naval conflict with Iran.

We’re sharing below both Melissa’s warning to pray and her dream from a year ago.

Most of you probably feel the sense of urgency already, and you’re most likely already praying. I hope this will give you some perspective. Yesterday, Melissa wrote us the following:

Have you seen today that there is a US naval warship (USS Theodore Roosevelt) that has just been brought over to the coast of Yemen, that left from DC, like my dream? Along with a total of 9 US naval ships, the Theodore Roosevelt is being sent to intercept Iranian warships. This is all within the last few days.

Reminds me of my dream. Navy ships and things "going nuclear."

Holy Spirit just re-highlighted that dream a week ago and I sent it to you and a few others, before this navy ship stuff even hit the news. I really feel we must be praying for a real restraining of nuclear escalations in this hour, like my dream warned a year ago.

I have a track record of seeing events happen in dreams prior. I dreamt accurate warnings of the Boston marathon bombings, the Sandy Hook school shootings, the Nairobi Kenya mall shootings... I dreamt accurate warnings of all of that before it happened and there is a record of that…

I say all this to say, I feel a strong urgency in my heart to have intercessors really step up the intercession for the restraining of nuclear escalations. I don't necessarily have a platform to mobilize prayer in a concerted way, but I encourage you to pray and see if Holy Spirit would not have you warn key prayer mobilizers.

Humbly, Melissa

I totally agree with Melissa. Feel free to share this email with others of like, precious faith.

DC Warning Dream

Below is the original dream Melissa references in her appeal for prayer. It’s from April 6, 2014. Remember also that Cindy Jacobs has shared many words, compelling us to pray for the Naval Yards in DC, the Naval Academy in Annapolis MD, and other Naval bases throughout the nation and world. Jolene and I especially felt led to pray for the Norfolk, VA base, which we incorporated into last summer’s Glory Procession.

I think I had a warning dream about DC and America early this morning: "I dreamt of a man who came up to me at a naval commuter, ferry/train/metro base on the water, near Washington DC. He was handsome with a beard but casually dressed.

He was saying to me, "Do you come to DC often?" I replied, "When God takes me there." He said, "Me, too."

The he said, "It's so easy to just 'touch something' casually until we realize it's NUCLEAR and in an instant everything has gone nuclear." He pointed to an expensive navy ship. He gestured, "Don't touch it. NUCLEAR.”

Then I saw a large, locust-shaped boat—silver, shiny, and chrome—pull up to the harbor. It was a luxury harbor cruise boat. People were partying on it and having fine dinners.

I saw an African-American man and woman and knew he was going to propose to her. She was wearing a red dress. But the dress itself was shaped like a locust. I felt a warning in my spirit.

Then I saw something strange (like some weird aircraft) fly low overhead and the same man remarked to me about it. Saying, "We are standing here in time to see this.”

Prayer Points from the Dream

Let me comment briefly on the dream. During our prayer call Wednesday night with Melissa, many things were clarified. For instance, she confirmed that the man speaking with her was either Jesus Himself or a “messenger” from the Lord.

Below are four revelatory prayer points for your consideration.

1. Pray for nuclear escalations to be restrained. Clearly, in her dream this potential for nuclear conflict has to do with the Navy. Perhaps related to an emerging conflict with Iran.

As a side-note, the USS Theodore Roosevelt is a Nimitz-class supercarrier. For most of its career, the USS Roosevelt was deployed out of Norfolk, VA, but switched homes in 2015 to be deployed out of San Diego, CA.

2. No casual touch. The warning He gave her, about casually touching situations that could actually become nuclear conflicts, is extraordinarily significant. Suffice to say, more than other times recently, it is now important to exercise great discretion.

Because a casual touch could actually go nuclear.

I talked briefly with Marlene Brubaker after the call. It turns out she had been up for hours interceding the night before over this very issue. She saw a vision of cobwebs forming, and when she instinctively reached out to wipe them away the Lord immediately spoke, “Don’t touch!” As though she could be greatly harmed if she did.

Our advice? Think twice. Do not presume—for real. Follow God’s directives in things small and large. Don’t be casual, but instead take care. Check, and then double check.

3. Pray that no devouring force gains access through our gates.

Melissa saw the ship in her dream as a harbor cruiser in the natural realm, but a locust in the spirit. A locust represents a devourer! A devouring force, perhaps disguised as a wealthy yacht, somehow gained access into the Washington DC harbor.

Pray over Washington DC! Pray over other port cities as the Lord leads. Let’s stand and see the Lord shut the gates of sabotage.

4. Pray for God’s intervention regarding the Iranian deal.

Because of clear elements of this dream, I believe it’s important to pray for the Iranian nuclear proposal. For all parties involved. Note that it’s a proposal right now, much like an engagement to be married, and not a sealed deal.

One thing to ponder. According to some reports, Christianity is spreading faster in Iran than virtually any other nation at this time. Let’s be like Esther, and intercede for our brothers and sisters of like, precious faith!

Whatever you may believe, it’s important not to touch any of these things casually or carelessly—especially of this magnitude. God knows things we simply don’t. Let’s persevere in the Spirit, praying mysteries instead of praying presumptions!

Stand and See

Final note. In the dream, “the man” commented to Melissa that “We are standing here in time to see this.”

Standing is an act of intercession. Very clearly, they were standing in Washington DC. It brings me great encouragement that the Lord is standing in Washington DC with His intercessory watchmen. It encourages me even more that we are standing in time.

To me again, Melissa’s dream seems to be indicating a warning for DC, even a nuclear threat. The good news is that we still have time to stand, see, and prevent a tragedy in our own nation!

Do not touch this casually. We need to continue praying for the emerging conflict in Yemen, for the protection of Washington DC and our homeland, and for the Iranian nuclear proposal. Friends, it’s time to stand and see!

Prophetic Warning as Naval Conflix Nears with Iran | jonandjolene.com

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