Global Economy Report - Part 3

The prophets have been talking about a theme for this season, a season of turbulence, a year of the whirlwind, but also a turn-around year. Even in a whirlwind time, God can speak out of the whirlwind. This is a time of instability where we need God to speak to us and show us what to do.

In this 3-part series Jerry Tuma of Cornerstone Financial Services joins Mike Jacobs to discuss some vital issues concerning global economics. The base of this program is the Cornerstone Report 2015, 'A Year In Pictures'. You can download the full document here.

Jerry Tuma is Certified Financial Planner. His radio show Smart Money has been syndicated nationally since 1987. Along with David McCord, Jerry authors a weekly E-newsletter, The Cornerstone Report. Jerry has also authored two books; Smart Money, with his wife Ramona and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Tim LaHaye, and From Boom to Bust and Beyond

For more information about Jerry Tuma and Cornerstone Financial Services, you can visit their website at

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