Chuck Pierce - Window of Heaven Prophecy

We recently had our good friend, Chuck Pierce, in studio for an episode of our show God Knows. During the taping, Chuck gave a powerful word about God opening up a window of heaven for those who cry out. You can watch the video and read the transcript below.

Cindy - Hi, we're here in studio with Chuck Pierce. It is just hopping in this studio, I'm telling you. We're just prophesying to each other. So, what is God saying about this new season?

Chuck - He's saying there's a window over you. Watch for the window of heaven to open up, for his sound to come down. Now hear me, you need to be sending a sound up. Remember when the people cried out, God acknowledged their cry, he opened up and sent forth redemption and that's what this year looks like. You're going to cry out in a way that then the window of heaven is going to open and he's going to pour down in you. Every sea you're trying to get across will open up.

Cindy - Wow, that's amazing. You know, I think what is happening is satan is so mad, he's so furious and sending this whirlwind and confusion, he's stirring up people against people and nation against nation because in the middle of the greatest harvest the world has ever seen is getting ready to break out.

Chuck - You have to determine, this year, to be in covenant. Not only be in covenant with God but be in covenant with those God has told you to be in covenant with for your future. I'm not talking about to be in wrong relationships. I'm talking about God knows the covenants you need to renew this year so you can synergize your gifts and move forward into ways that you couldn't move forward by yourself.

Mike - That's a key, the renewal of covenant you mentioned.

Chuck - Yeah, see a lot of people, they get stuck in one place, but there's a renewal of covenant this year that is causing, it's like a sacrifice going up to heaven and it's opening up. Another thing is, don't be afraid to break open your alabaster box this year. That fragrance will arise right into heaven and God will honor you and the favor of God will rest upon you. Some of you, you've been holding back in some areas, break that alabaster box.

Cindy - Yeah, and I think that's really true in giving. Last Sunday, Mike said, ‘God said to us give.’ Well then give again, give again.

Mike - She keeps giving my stash. Every time I get a stash, she says 'it's time to give this stash.'

Chuck - She's always done that.

Cindy - I know that. I like to give your stash.

Chuck - That's important to you. Give that which you have been watching where to give. Places like this, Generals International, there's not a better place to invest your giving.

Cindy - Well I'll tell you, we want to do that, because God is getting ready to turn some things around.

Mike - I've been sensing this whole afternoon as we've been doing these tapings, there's something going on in the spirit and one of the things is this whirlwind we keep speaking of, if you're in the marketplace, the whirlwind, this instability, is going to shake some of the that satan's been keeping hold of and He's going to open some doors so that you can possess the land.

Cindy - Well that's the word! It's the midnight hour, but...

Everyone - God's going to turn it around.

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