A Call to Prayer for the World's Economies

As one considers the global economic stage, it seems as if there could be a worldwide crisis at any moment. China could destabilize, the Eurozone could shake with the looming crisis in Greece, and there’s a possibility of Spain or Ireland following suit.  

In 1999, God gave a strong warning to our first gathering of prophets that later became the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders. He showed us that something of gigantic proportions was coming to the east coast of America. We weren't given greater detail at the time, but we asked God, "Can what is coming be stopped?"

We waited before the Lord, and finally the solemn word came to us: "It can be diminished but not completely averted." We hit our knees and began to pray; a number of us wept until we had no tears left. 9/11 struck the country, and countless more tears were shed for the many who died that day. However, there were also amazing stories of people who were saved. I hope it goes without saying that I do not believe God loved the ones who were rescued more than those who perished. We all still mourn for those who died that day.

God also gave me a warning in January 2008 before the economic crash that followed in September that same year. His words were, "There will be no more business as usual."

In March of this year, we took our generals to New York City to pray on Wall Street. One of the things we earnestly prayed for the stock market was that it would have some kind of course correction rather than a collapse.

There have recently been several strong warnings given to our ACPE round table of prophets. We saw a fragmentation of the Euro and an upcoming shaking in Europe that would affect the US.

During these uncertain times, many prophetic leaders have sensed an economic shaking is at our door. However, the bigger questions that looms are, “Why is God warning us? Do we need to just figure out how to survive it, or can we stop what is coming?" In other words, has God decided this will happen no matter what we do or pray?

As a prophetic intercessor, I always see things like this as a call to pray, especially remembering that mercy always triumphs over judgement. There were times when God would speak to His prophets and warn of coming judgements, but that never stopped the prophets from crying out for mercy.

In the light of world evangelization, would a worldwide economic crash further the cause of Christ or hinder the outpouring of the Spirit that God is bringing?

I personally believe that another “Great Depression” would hinder the cause of the Kingdom’s advance. For this reason, I am calling for God's people everywhere to pray. Rather than pointing an accusing finger at nations that we think have not handled their finances correctly, we need to ask God for wisdom for their leaders.

Heads of state need to call for prayer, just as we are seeing various US governors set an example in doing. Remember that God had mercy on Nineveh—at the time, one of the most wicked cities in earth—and the whole city repented.

I believe God is able to reach entire cities and nations today as well. Family of God, it is time to pray! It is time for the family of nations to pray for each other rather than pointing fingers at each other with accusations. Let's cry out for mercy and great awakenings! Let's believe for our nations to repent and for a worldwide harvest of the earth to begin!

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