March Update

(Cindy recently sat down to film a short prophetic update, you can read the transcript below or watch the video above)

Turn-Arounds are Happening

Hi! We wanted to give you a prophetic update on some things that are happening. Many people are experiencing turnarounds in this turnaround year. In fact, the news from Jerusalem after the Israeli elections, Netanyahu, was that it was a turnaround election. Very exciting. I know that our friend, Chuck Pierce, was there in Israel praying with Tom Hess, Jon and Jolene Hamill. Many people, Rick Ridings, prayed earnestly at the elections, and we are very excited. And we think that's a sign post of what God is doing.

Praying for the Economy

Also, people have asked questions about the economy, and things really look like they could be shaking. But we are preparing to take prayer teams from all of our states, all our state generals to New York City in April, and we're going to be praying for the economy specifically, asking God to help mitigate against shaking coming. I mean, it's not just one prophet; it's many that have been talking about some things coming up economically, even forecasters that do this for a living. But God. And so we want to pray together and give prayer points on how to pray. We're very excited about that.

Is That You, God?

Things are ramping up. I'll tell you this, some exciting news on this new ebook. You know, many times people really want to know how to hear God and they're so confused about it, so we're excited about that.

A Prophecy for You

And also, I'm just going to prophesy for you because I think it's very significant this season. So the Lord would say to you, "Many of you are just in a moment where you're going to see tremendous breakthrough, but you have great frustration." But the Lord says, "I am sometimes behind the scenes working, and I want you to trust Me, that even though you can't see a movement on what you need to happen, I am not going to abandon you in this moment. You are going to see at the right second, I am going to come through for you, and you are going to have your needs met."

Well that's a turnaround, and that's a suddenly. So we're gonna give you some updates from time to time. We love you; thanks for participating with us at Generals.

Listen, God is raising up generals of generals, and you'll be hearing more about that from us in the future as well.

God bless! Love you guys.

- Cindy

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