Launch of the New Website

In late 2013, God began leading Generals International through a transition that has been both challenging and rewarding. It forced us to ask ourselves the difficult questions and closely examine every aspect of the ministry. The Lord has used it to give Mike and me a renewed passion and sense of purpose in our calling to teach and resource the body of Christ.

Mike and Cindy Jacobs

“We have a dream for Generals International—that it outlives us.” - Mike and Cindy Jacobs

Sadly, the vision of many ministries dies with their leaders. One of our deepest desires is to impart our legacy--all the things the Lord has shown us through the years--to a new generation. The vision we have pioneered must be carried on long after we’re gone in order to see lives changed and nations transformed.

Looking Forward : The New Website

A significant first step in our renewed focus has been to completely update and revise our website, making it more functional and practical for visitors—a one-stop hub for encouragement and training. The new site is a wonderful way for us to fulfill the calling God spoke to Mike over two decades ago: a place to share teachings, articles, and resources that will give you the tools you need to hear from God and boldly act on the words He gives you. As well, keep an eye out for the Spanish version of the site in the near future.

Each week we will be creating practical, biblical articles for you to read wherever you are (via smartphone, tablet, or computer). Now you can learn about your identity in Christ as you wait in line at the post office; be inspired to pray for the poor in war-torn areas of the world as you are placed on hold with your electric company; get a better grasp of intercession—what it is and isn’t—as you wait in the carpool lane at your child’s school. 

New Teaching Materials

We are also busy developing teaching materials for you to go deeper, such as online courses to help you take your prayer life to the next level, or tools for understanding and using your prophetic gift. 

After 11 years on the air, we will soon have more than 350 episodes of our God Knows television show online, ready for you to access any time. God Knows is an interview-style show hosted by Mike and me, which takes real-life problems and applies Bible-based answers. And this fall, we are excited to be filming brand new episodes with a fresh approach for this new season.

In the next few weeks, we will be running an article series about our identity in Christ. You might be asking yourself, “Why is a ministry focused on prayer sharing articles on identity?” In our eight-article series, we will explore that very question. The bottom line is that until we understand who we are in Christ and how to walk in our identity, we will never be fully effective in the areas of prayer and the prophetic. 

We’re excited for what’s ahead, and we’re thankful to share the process with you. We want to create a place of community where we can walk through life together to fulfill the purposes of God in the nations.  As we continue to engage this new season, we encourage you to get involved. Your input will play a big role in shaping the direction of the ministry: ask questions, dialog with us in the comments, and encourage each other. The world is full of hurting and broken people, and together we can make a difference.

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