It's Time for You to Advance

This morning as I was praying and thinking about what you're going through, the Lord showed me a vision. 

I saw that you are trying to move forward, but you're getting so much pushback that, it's very difficult for you to get up in the morning and move forward. And this is what the Lord showed me, the enemy is trying to make you feel like you are in a season of regression, rather than progression. And you feel like you want to advance, you want to advance the kingdom, you want your life to advance, but you feel like you are taking steps backward. 

And the Lord just says to you, because you are under such a warfare, you cannot trust your emotions. Because the Lord says, "There are many advances you're actually making as you worship me, as you're seeking my face," the Lord says you're actually making advances but you cannot see where you are going because you're under such intense warfare. 

Now, I want to say to you right now, the only way I could explain it is, the heavens are violent. As we look at many nations around the world, there's a lot of upheaval. Think about Korea, and what's happening in the Koreas. Think about the people within the range of Kim Jong-un, that's many nations. Think about what's happening in the Middle East, with such persecution of believers. And then in the United States, upheaval, upheaval, upheaval. 

But the Lord just says "You are not subject to that upheaval, and I will cause you to go into a season of advancement if you resist the thought Satan is putting in your head that you're actually in regression," the Lord says, “The kingdom of God is ever increasing. So, the only way you can fail is to believe the lie, and to be subject to the pressure that Satan is putting you under.” 

You are not called to be subject to that pressure. You are not called to be one who sits down and says, "Well, I might as well just give up." You are called to overcome. You are called to advance. You are called to be triumphant. 

And so the Lord says this is the day to rise up, this is not a day to sit down and give in to the violent pushing that the kingdom of darkness is doing and working against you, then you will be defeated. But the Lord says, "If you would choose my nature and my character and my ability, you will surely break through."

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