Desert Seasons

There are no easy answers to these desert times, but know this: you aren't alone. Whether you are well known or walking in anonymity, we all face “dark nights of the soul.” These times may be painful, and may even come close to pushing you toward hopelessness, but know that you can make it through.

You may not know that Cindy went through some really dark times as a young adult and as a young parent. Through God’s mercy, she learned how to keep on going, even when she felt emotionally numb and cut off from hearing God's voice.
If you are currently in a hard place, the following statement might sound absurd: every believer is called to pray and minister to this hurting world. Even if you feel crippled and broken—perhaps by divorce, the death of a loved one, financial devastation, or the desperation of a prodigal child—God uses broken people (just like you and me). And that’s where Generals International feels called: to rally, equip and coordinate people for prayer and the prophetic. We don’t take this lightly.

We believe that God still speaks today. We believe we (and you!) are called to make a difference in our world. Our heart is to teach you how to hear God’s voice and how to have the strength to act on what He says, even in the midst of life’s pain. God DOES want to use you. Are you ready to find out how?

Watch Part 1: Sticking with it

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