Cindy's Word from the Lord on November 5

The Lord says that, “You are entering into a new season where I have surprises for you.” And the Lord says, “Even as a parent would think, ‘how can I delight my child,’ so I have delights for you,” says the Lord. And the Lord says that many of you are in a place where perhaps your life feels some degree of sameness or that it is more difficult, “but I would say, ‘know this: behind the scenes, I am preparing things for you that I cannot wait for you to unwrap. I have spiritual gifts for you. I have financial blessings. I have direction.” 

For the Lord would say, “At times, I am a behind-the-scenes God. And I want you to trust me,” says the Lord, “that I am always working for your good.”

“I want you to trust me,” says the Lord, “that at this very moment, I am making a way for you. I am the way-maker. I am the way. I am doing things for you that you cannot understand.”

So the Lord says, “I want you to understand that I am good. I want you to understand, yes, the simple things of who I say I am, that at this moment there are treasures of delight that I am preparing for you,” says the Lord.

Follow-up from Mike Jacobs:

We’re just so busy. We’re so busy being about doing what we’re supposed to do that we never even take time to think about, “Well, what is it that really delights my soul?” For me, it’s the simple things; like, it delights me to see a herd of cattle. Or a field of horses. Or to see wildlife.

I got to see a lot of wildlife this weekend: a bald eagle, cranes, blue herons; just beautiful, beautiful nature. Some fish. To me, that gives me a sense of peace, but if I don’t do that often, and if I’m not careful, I get so busy doing all the “stuff” we all do that for one thing, you forget that God wants to give you the delights of your heart, but even you yourself lose touch with what those are because you’re just so in the grind.

But I think that’s a good word, Cindy, for us today. “If I have forgotten what delights me, even, much less had time to enjoy it, I need to take some time and reflect on that. Because how can God give you something that delights you if you’re not even in touch with it? 

What is it that really delights our heart? 


You can listen to the word through the audio player below.

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