Cindy's Word from the Lord on July 15

This is a prophetic word by Cindy Jacobs that was recorded on July 15, 2015 about God bringing light to dark places. You can listen to the word through the audio player below.

I see a vision where people are at the end of themselves and they don't know what to do, and things are very, very dark. And the Lord says, "I want you to understand that I am with you in the dark places as well as the light places. That many times you feel affirmed and accepted if you see me and you feel like things are easy and light. You feel like things are alright." But the Lord would say, "Come to a place of trust in me when you don't know what to do when you're oppressed on every side because I am right there with you, and I am making a plan to lead you out of that dark place," says the Lord. 

The Lord says, "I want you to come into a greater trust in me while in the dark places so I can lead you to the light places because in that dark place there can be peace, in that dark place there can be joy."

And the Lord says, "In the dark place there can even come a revelation that will help you for your future," says the Lord. Father, I thank you in the name of Jesus that in the dark place, you are light. 

I was thinking about one time we went to pray and we were in northern Italy and they said there is a cave where, I think it was Valdes, something like that was the name of them, and they would go worship in this place, and they said that their opposers came and found a hole in the top of this cave and they poured hot oil in and  killed everyone in the cave. They burned to death in the oil. We were going into this cave, it was very dark in the cave and as we got in I'm standing there, they said, "You go first." I went in and I'm standing there in the complete dark, and the Lord said to me, "Well, get out your cell phone." We got out and turned on our phones, and we came and brought light in that dark place. A place where death had come, such light came, and we just had a wonderful worship service in that cave.

I feel like the Lord is saying that, "I want you to understand that in the middle of the darkness I am going to give you a revelation that is going to turn on the light so you will know what to do." 


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Cindy Jacobs

Cindy Jacobs

Cindy Jacobs is an author, speaker, and teacher with a heart for discipling nations in the areas of prayer and prophetic gifts. She and Mike—her husband—co-founded Generals International in 1985.

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