The ministry known today as Generals International was incorporated as an interdenominational Christian church organization in 1985 by Mike and Cindy Jacobs in the town of Weatherford, Texas. Originally named Crown of Glory Ministries, it started as a small group of local Christian leaders gathering to discuss and pray for the corporate sin issues of the nation, and quickly grew into a network of intercessory leaders across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

The Gathering of Generals

Crown of Glory’s prayer assemblies were given the name Generals of Intercession. The first of these gatherings was hosted by Dr. Bob Wilhite at Church on the Rock in Rockwall, TX in 1985. Subsequent meetings were hosted by prayer leaders from various ministries throughout the metroplex, including James Robison Ministries, Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Christ for the Nations Institute.

GI Staff

Generals of Intercession conferences began spreading to cities across the nation in partnership with other leaders from within the prayer movement, such as Dick Eastman. Many relational connections and ministry alliances were forged as a result of these events, the most significant among them being the relationship that developed with Dr. Peter and Doris Wagner. Mike and Cindy were introduced to them in 1989 while participating in meetings at the National Prayer Embassy in Washington, D.C. From that time forward, the Wagners were instrumental in advancing the ministry of Crown of Glory in a number of ways.

Early International Growth

In 1989, Cindy travelled with the Wagners to Manila, Philippines, to participate in the Lausanne Conference. She helped lead one of the first 24 hour prayer teams to cover a major conference of its size. The following year, Peter Wagner established an ad hoc committee of the Lausanne Movement to dialogue on the subject of spiritual warfare.  Cindy was invited to be one of four conveners over a round table of apostolic prayer leaders that included Ed Silvoso, George Otis Jr., Dick Eastman, Sister Gwen Shaw, John Dawson and others. This later became the prayer track for the AD2000 & Beyond movement.

Cindy preaching

In 1990, Cindy traveled to Argentina with Doris Wagner at the invitation of Ed Silvoso to teach on spiritual warfare and the healing of nations. For the next 19 years, Mike and CIndy ministered extensively in this nation, serving as influential figures in the Argentine revival, alongside Claudio Freidzon, Ed Silvoso, Carlos Annacondia, Omar Cabrera Sr., and others.

Development and Expansion

Crown of Glory had become widely known by the name given to its conferences, so in November 1990, the name of the ministry was officially changed to Generals of Intercession (GI). Chuck Pierce joined the team, teaching resources were developed, and the first newsletter, The GI News, was launched. In 1991, Cindy began guest-lecturing in Peter Wagner’s classes at Fuller Theological Seminary.

In 1993, Generals of Intercession moved its headquarters from Weatherford, TX to Colorado Springs, Colorado. While there, GI established meetings between the “servant ministries” (parachurch organizations) and the local church pastors in Colorado Springs to dialogue and find ways to work together in unity. Cindy also began lecturing for Dr. Peter Wagner at the Wagner Leadership Institute.

GI hosted a variety of conferences, including Spiritual Warfare for Business conferences, held at The Navigators’ headquarters at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs, and Healing America’s Wounds, geared toward the reconciliation of the north and south.  Other initiatives during this time included the building of a national prayer network and the establishment of an international women’s ministry known as The Deborah Company.

GI’s television ministry first launched in 2003 with the production of God Knows, a program designed to spread the message that God sees the details of our lives and desires to counsel, comfort, and encourage us through the gift of prophecy.

In 2004, the ministry moved back to the Dallas, TX area. The name of the ministry was also changed to Generals International to compliment GI’s continuously expanding vision and ministry.

Generals initiated its move to Dallas by hosting 40 Days of Fasting and Prayer on the campus of Christ for the Nations Institute. A 24-7 prayer room as well as ten nights of miracle services were hosted as part of God’s mandate to “re-dig the wells of revival in Dallas.”

Over the past decade, Generals International has continued to host conferences, teaching seminars and prayer initiatives in cities across the nation and around the world, focusing on topics such as governmental intercession, women in leadership, societal reformation, and marketplace ministry.


Generals International facilitates societal reformation in the nations of the world through intercessory, prophetic and apostolic ministry. Methods for achieving these goals include establishing apostolic/prophetic leadership roundtables and aligning prayer networks in the United States, as well as around the world, for the purpose of information sharing and cohesive strategy development.

Generals International is also a teaching ministry which hosts a worldwide television program and produces many print and audio/visual instructional materials. Generals hosts many conferences and training seminars, with an emphasis on prayer and intercession, societal reformation, women in leadership and marketplace ministry. As itinerant ministers, Mike and Cindy Jacobs travel the world speaking on these topics before audiences both large and small.

Prayer Network

Generals International serves as the umbrella ministry for the Reformation Prayer Network (RPN), a fifty-state prayer and activism network.  Originally established in 1991 under the name Spiritual Warfare Network, the prayer network was re-launched in January 2008 with a fresh vision, broader mandate and its current name.

The Reformation Prayer Network’s primary goal is to be a catalyst, through prayer and righteous activism, to bring change to the following areas of societal influence: Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment and Business. 

When the Spiritual Warfare Network was first established in 1991 (under the direction of Peter Wagner), the network developed a glossary of terminology that catalyzed the prayer movement around the world. Adoption of such terms as identification repentance, prophetic acts, spiritual mapping, prayer evangelism and others were agreed upon for common usage among the global prayer movement.

The Reformation Prayer Network has been involved with the AD2000 Movement since its inception. Through this involvement, Generals has been able to help network intercessory prayer leaders and prayer networks in nations and regions around the world. Each network operates under separate apostolic leadership, with Mike and Cindy Jacobs serving as prophetic advisors to those leaders.

Women’s Ministry

In 2003, Generals held the first International Coalition of Women Leaders in Phoenix, Arizona. This later became The Deborah Company with subsequent meetings held in Salt Lake City, New York City, Dallas and San Francisco. International meetings were also held in Turkey, England, and several other nations.

The first Spanish Deborah Company was held in Miami, Florida, with women from 17 different nations. The Spanish Deborah Company later became Compania de Mujeres under the leadership of Juanita Cercone de Gonzalez.

Television Ministry

Generals began producing the television program God Knows in 2003. It was first launched in Russian on CNL. Over the next few years, its reach quickly grew to include air time on the Miracle Channel in Canada, TBN Enlace, and many other television networks around the world. It is currently on the air in Arabic, Spanish, English and Romanian.

The establishment of GodTV’s U.S.-based operations allowed a significant expansion for God Knows, which is broadcast on their television network in over 200 nations in English on prime-time programming. Several of Generals’ conferences have also been broadcast live through GodTV’s  international television network and made available for viewing on-demand through their web-based programming.

The vision of God Knows is to reach the body of Christ around the world with the message that God knows all things and desires to counsel, encourage and comfort His people through the prophetic word.  Each program features a time of teaching with Mike and Cindy and concludes with them praying for the sick through words of knowledge, as well as prophesying to the audience watching the program.

Marketplace Ministry

Generals recognized that there were many Christian business people trying to run their companies in biblical ways, but unsure how to apply principles of ministry in the context of business. To meet this need, GI developed and hosted several Spiritual Warfare for Business conferences that were held at The Navigators’ headquarters at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs.

They also helped to establish “MHOP”s—Marketplace Houses of Prayer—to network Christian business leaders together for prayer support and encouragement. In 2010, GI began webcasting marketplace ministry conferences called Out of the Box.