Generals International (GI) is a prayer-based organization founded by Mike and Cindy Jacobs in 1985 that exists for the purpose of changing lives and transforming nations. We are passionate about the message that God cares about every individual, He cares about every nation, and He still speaks to us today. Out of that passion, we develop resources to equip believers in areas such as:

With a library comprised of hundreds of hours of sermons, God Knows television episodes (hosted by Mike and Cindy), and articles, GI is a source for solid, Bible-based training on prayer and the prophetic. Our hope is that our teaching will help you become spiritually courageous and powerfully informed about the things of God.

Cindy Jacobs preaching

We make these resources available because we believe God has given every person a sphere of influence, meaning you have been empowered by God to make your world better. We aim to provide you with tools that will awaken your purpose and enable you to be a General wherever God has placed you.

We invite you to join our community of Generals, a place where we offer a solid foundation on which to build your faith and spiritual gifts. As we walk together through daily life, we want you to realize your identity and do extraordinary things that will ultimately fulfill the will of God in the nations. So what do Generals do?

  • They hear from God in the context of where they are.

  • They are a voice of wisdom and purpose in their sphere.

  • They recognize and speak to the God-given identity and gifts in others, equipping them with a solid foundation.

  • They use their passion and maturity to bring strategic change and influence wherever God places them.

And why do we want to make Generals? Because we embrace the principle of multiplication. We impart the message of changing lives to you, and through your impact on countless others, the nations are transformed.