Fifty-One Days of Intercession


51 Days of Reformation Intercession - October 3, 2011

On several occasions, I have had the privilege of joining apostolic prayer leaders from across the nation for timely, strategic intercessory assignments in the cities of Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA (the foundational city of ruling government in our nation). We never fully realize all that Father does on a prayer journey or strategic intercessory assignment. Our responsibility is to simply be obedient to what He shows us to do.

While on a prayer assignment in Washington, DC in March 2010 with prayer leaders from nearly every state in the nation, I heard very clearly within me, “This city needs a siege laid to it.” The next words I heard after this were from a man standing next to me by the name of Jon Hamill (USRPN Maryland State and Regional Prayer Coordinator), who turned and said to me, “This city needs a siege laid to it.


I knew I was being given a heavenly assignment, not because there haven’t been many faithful people praying and intercessory assignments successfully executed in the city; I am fully confident there have been. As a matter of fact, each step of obedience leads to another and the unfolding of the Father’s heart and the advancement of the Kingdom in the earth. I began to seek the Lord in prayer on how to carry out this assignment. That brings us to the name “DC40” or “40 Days Over DC.” They are one and the same.


When I first received revelation concerning this 40-day assignment, I had no intention of staying away from home for any longer than that, but while ministering in Vincennes, Indiana earlier this year, the worship leader began singing, “This is the year we return to Philadelphia.” As he sang those words, the Spirit of the Lord washed over my being, and I knew that He was saying to me, “This is the year you return to Philadelphia in prayer.


As I pondered what was happening within me, and because 11-11-11 is when the DC40 initiative is completed, it began to arise within me that there needed to be 11 days in Philadelphia. When I looked at the calendar, those additional 11 days brought the entire journey to 51 days, ending on 11-22-11. Isaiah 22:22 is one of the foundational scriptures that we have been moving in, and in Revelation chapter 3, when the Lord speaks to Philadelphia, He talks about laying the Key of David on the shoulders of that city – the same key Isaiah 22:22 speaks about. That is why DC40 (or 40 Days over DC) has turned into 51 days.


The purpose of this siege is to change the atmosphere over the city of Washington, D.C. through our worship, fasting and praying for the healing, deliverance, awakening and reformation of our nation.


We believe that this fall a nation will arise as one to release reformation intercession for 51 days.

Beginning on October 3 with Hawaii, the last state to enter the Union, each state will stand shoulder-to-shoulder and pray as the state of Hawaii is point man for the day. The other 49, with spiritual shields locked together, will pray with Hawaii for our nation’s capital to be eternally reformed. On that day we will also pray for the state of Hawaii to step into the fullness of her destiny, and for the full release of the redemptive gifts she carries to be woven into the fabric of our nation in an even greater measure than before.


On October 4, it will be Alaska’s turn to take the point position of leading intercession in releasing the power of eternal light over our nation’s capital, with the strength of the other 49 standing as one alongside her.


And so we will move – each state taking its turn front-and-center, in reverse order of its entry to the Union, affecting eternal change in our nation’s capital, so that our elected officials can govern from a new position of non-compromising light and understanding, as we change the spiritual atmosphere over Washington DC forever.


We will be releasing a 51-day prayer directive to help us harmonize our intercession; this will be available for download on our website,


We will have worship teams onsite for 40 days in DC and 11 in Philadelphia, resounding back to the sound of our Founding Fathers. The eternal words spoken will repair the broken and restore the paths for our children to dwell.


Throughout this entire strategic timeframe, we will have teams in the capital cities of all 50 states, linking state capitols to the nation’s capitol.

Additionally, we will have three days of prayer at the capitol buildings of all 50 states:

October 31 – Reformation Day/All Hallows Eve

November 1 – All Saints Day

November 2 – Day of the Dead


If you are reading this, I would suggest to you that you may be called to play a part, for we were all born for such a time as this.


To access the 51-day prayer guide, informational videos, the 50-state prayer schedule, and much more information about DC40 and the Fifty-One Days of Reformation Intercession, visit


James Nesbit

USRPN State Prayer Coordinator for Illinois

USRPN Regional Coordinator for East North-Central States