North Carolina Root 52 Report



"We the people of North Carolina, grateful to Almighty God, the Sovereign Ruler of Nations, for the preservation of the American Union and the existence of our civil, political and religious liberties, and acknowledging our dependence upon Him for the continuance of those blessings to us and our posterity, do, for the more certain security thereof and for the better government of this State, ordain and establish this constitution."


North Carolina is the 12th state to enter the union. Because of its numerical position in coming into our nation (12 being the number for apostolic government), North Carolina has an apostolic anointing to joyfully sing or call out something in the spirit realm in a joyful and lively way and to establish it (Job 22:28). In addition, North Carolina is a "gold coin" in the hand of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, which also speaks of its destiny to shift into a transfer of wealth. As we conducted our praise and prayer events over this past week, these giftings of our state were even more clearly seen and experienced. We are grateful to Almighty God.


This past week we had several praise and prayer gatherings in our state as a declaration of our destiny of North Carolina, preceded by 21 days of prayer and fasting. In addition, prayer teams were sent to strategic sites during our week of prayer to recover, restore and renew our covenantal roots. In addition to this network (US RPN - North Carolina), other prayer networks were involved in this effort to cover our state in prayer: North Carolina Aglow, Carolina Strategic Prayer Alliance, and Transformation Durham, as well as churches and other prayer ministries.


Report of Praise & Prayer Events in North Carolina


Immediately after the conference call and commissioning on Friday, April 2, 2010, we prayed at the birthplace of the North Carolina Constitution in Halifax, NC, where the Fourth Provincial Congress had passed the Halifax Resolves, the first "official" endorsement of independence from Great Britain by one of the Thirteen Colonies. Halifax was also the site of the Fifth Provincial Congress which met from November 12-December 23, 1776 to write and approve the first North Carolina Constitution, along with a "Declaration of Rights". There we reaffirmed and reconnected with the godly covenant that our forefathers had written in the Halifax Resolves and in the North Carolina Constitution and repented for not watching and praying over the root of our state government. We then took communion and gave thanks to the LORD for this covenant root, and for righteousness, liberty and justice to come forth from the True Root of our State: Jesus Christ, the Branch and Root of Jesse.


Later that night, we went to a Kickoff Praise & Prayer Gathering at Destiny International Ministries, Raleigh, NC that officially opened the week of Root 52 Prayer for North Carolina. After a time of joyful and high praise and worship and after a short report of the conference call and prayer at Halifax, NC, a brief history of the formation and gifting of North Carolina was given which enabled the gathering to enter into a time of repentance for the following: confession and repentance for greed and lust for power and riches on behalf of the Lords Proprietors; for the careless appointment of governors and deputy governors over Carolina due to selfish ambition which was responsible in part for the division between North and South Carolina; for the tyrannical acts of the governors and appointed leaders which furthered the division; for the conflicts over money and position; and for the broken covenants with the Native Americans, particularly the Cherokee. A prophetic act was done by uniting a North Carolinian and a South Carolinian with a red mantel and declaring Ephesians 2: 13-16 (paraphrased): there is no division all have brought near because of the blood of Jesus and there is one new man. At the end everyone in the gathering came forward and linked arms to declare the unity in love between members of the Body of Christ on behalf of North Carolina.


While the Raleigh Praise & Prayer Gathering was being held, another Praise & Prayer Gathering was being held in Wilmington, NC along with a Seder Meal, commemorating the Passover. Intercession was made for the local region, North Carolina and the nation, praying that a spirit of truth would come forth, cleansing and holiness; repentance for race riots in Wilmington, NC; unity and a move in the Spirit; healing of the breaches; covenant roots; and the pastors and Five-Fold Ministers of the region. This meeting lasted till 1:00 AM in the morning.


On Saturday, April 3, 2010, we had several prayer teams go out to pray throughout the State:


· Manteo, NC, the site of the Lost Colony that was planted in 1585. Intercession was made about the loss of the First Fruit planting in NC, and over godly roots (Moravians, Quakers, Methodists). Prophetic declarations were made regarding revival in North Carolina and from the eastern part of the state.


· Winston-Salem, NC, the site of the First Moravian Settlement in NC. Identificational repentance was made for fear and intimidation caused by the French and the Native Americans and the Revolutionary War to the first Moravians, which thereafter caused them to become pacificists and to become inward and disabled from spreading the gospel in subsequent years. After repentance, these spirits were broken in the Name of Jesus, and a tangible increase in the winds was apparent. Prophetic Intercession was made for the restoration of the roots of revival, prayer & intercession, praise & worship and the heart for the nations - a mantel that the early Moravians carried. Revelation 22: 1-2 was declared, i.e. healing for the nations, as the Moravians established the first medicinal garden in NC. Repentant prayer for fear was also done over a bell that was used to warn of imminent danger on the settlement. After the spirit of fear was broken off the bell, bold prophetic declarations were made of freedom, liberty and justice as the bell was rung. A tangible increase in the Presence of the LORD and breakthrough was felt and witnessed by all after this was done. Praise was lifted up in our hearts to the LORD to seal our time.


· Edenton, NC, once a Colonial Capital of North Carolina, and the site of the Edenton Tea Party in which the women of the town refused to drink British Tea and sent a signed declaration to Parliament in 1773; and the site where Bishop Spangenburg received the remaining land grant (wealth transfer) from Lord Proprietor Carteret (the other 7 being sold back to the British Crown) that established the First Moravian Settlement in NC and enabled them to bring the gospel into the region. Prayers of thanksgiving for the women of Edenton and for the favor given the Moravians were made. Declarations were made that the people of God will again receive favor for a transfer of wealth to establish God's covenant n the earth. The word of wealth transfer given by Chuck Pierce in 2003 for North Carolina and the word of revival coming to NC were declared.


· New Bern, NConce the Colonial Capital of North Carolina at the time of the Revolution, known for war and governmental change both in the Revolutionary and the War Between the States, the site of the transference of wealth, site of renewal where George Whitfield preached. This year is the 300th anniversary of the founding of the City of New Bern. Prophetic declarations were made through Chuck Pierce's word that North Carolina must take her place at the forefront of the nation.


On Sunday, April 4, 2010, a Praise, Worship & Passover Celebration was held in Hyde County in the Northeast part of NC. The focus was on the Kingdom and the Blood of Jesus and the Resurrection and the Passover were observed. Intercession was made for the Church mountain, and revelation was received of a church outside of the walls of organized religion and denomination. Also on Sunday, a prayer team went to the State Capitol at Raleigh, NC, the site of the first bank in NC, and the home of the first treasurer. Prayer was made for the governmental leaders, for righteousness in the State, alignment with God's Covenant Plan and for reconciliation with the Native people. Declaration was made for North Carolina to take her place at the forefront of the nation per Chuck Pierce's prophetic word. At the site of the first bank and treasurer's home, prayer and declaration was made for the economy and for strategies for wealth transfer, reaffirming a prophetic word given through Chuck Pierce during the 50 State Awake Tour.


On Monday, April 5, 2010 intercessors went to Moravian Falls, NC and Valdese, NC to pray. Moravian Falls was another site for the early Moravian settlers, some of them which came from Winston-Salem, NC. Intercession was made for the unity of the Body of Christ (citing the Moravian Motto: "In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity"); for the One New Man Company, for the colleges and universities, for the United States of America, for the Cherokee Nation and for Israel. It was remembered that the Moravians evangelized the Cherokee and some walked the Trail of Tears with them; the team then renewed their vows to the Lord, took communion and renewed this covenant root from the Moravians.


At Valdese, NC it was remembered that the Waldensians were one of the last remnants of the Apostolic Church who held out against the demands of Constantine and the Roman Empire. Repentance was made for not searching out the truth of the Waldesians and declarations were made about opening this well of the faith. Communion was taken and the root of the Waldesians was called forth to grow and to flourish again. The shofar was blown calling the Body of Christ to come and receive from this apostolic well.


Later that evening, a Praise & Prayer Gathering was held in Concord, NC. The focus of this meeting was to pray for education, but also for the roots of terrorism in our State (which the LORD showed lent itself to Islamic terrorists being drawn to reside in our state and making plans for terrorism on our land). Identificational repentance was done for KKK activity in the Concord Region, especially in the China Grove areas, including murder; for the race riots in Concord, NC; for sending KKK to Greensboro from nearby China Grove to massacre innocent people in '73; for acts and proclamations of anti-semitism, hatred and fear/intimidation. Germanic Nazism alliance was broken corporately in the Name of Jesus. Repentance was made for fear of death and fear of terrorism on the part of the people. The stronghold of terrorism was broken corporately in the name of Jesus.


After the above was done, the LORD freed us to pray for the Muslim people in our State. With all hands lifted up in the gathering symbolizing the laying of hands on the hearts of the Muslim people, healing prayer was made for the deep root of rejection in their hearts, believing that as this wound closes that the foothold that the enemy has had over the people would weaken. This way of praying came about from revelation shared in the meeting that Muslim children are rejected at a very young age and sold into slavery as child labor; and also from the rejection experienced as Ishmael. After the prayer for healing, we prayed that the love of God would come into their hearts. Prophetic declaration was made that the LORD Jesus would visit the Muslim people at the night watches, and that many would come into salvation and into Kingdom of God, and would be radical evangelists in the land.


On Tuesday, a team went to Asheville, NC where prayer and intercession was made over a healing revival well where Boyd McClaren, an associate of A.A. Allen came to the city to hold revivals, calling forth signs, wonders, and demonstrations of power for the harvest once again. Decrees were made for the youth to take their place in the next move of God and for the return of healing.


In the evening a prayer conference call was done in the evening with several intercessors from across North Carolina, praying for the Arts & Entertainment Mountain. That same night, another Praise & Prayer Gathering was held at the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC), where the LORD was invited into DPAC, and where the facility was blessed by those attending, and where prayer for the artists and art groups were made for the city and North Carolina.


On Wednesday, a prayer team went to Bath, NC - the first town in the State of North Carolina, where Blackbeard made his residence and where George Whitfield pronounced a curse. Repentance was made for the ongoing rejection of the LORD by the people, as the people actually mock and laugh at the curse that was pronounced by George Whitfield. A prophetic act was made removing a velvet cord that stretched across the pulpit area of a local church (which prophetically and physically prohibited the people from approaching the table/altar of the LORD). Declarations were made to "come boldly to the throne of grace and mercy" (Hebrews 4:16). Prayer was done through Jeremiah 50. One of the intercessors from Bath, NC was prompted to take the "ancient key of faith" and unlock her city.


In addition, prayer was made at a bronze placard that read, "Spirits of Bath". Scripture was read from Hebrews 12:22-29. As the team was experiencing breakthrough in intercession over this, there were people across the way that were standing and laughing, which the LORD revealed to the team were spirits of mockery. These spirits were bound, and the team released the power of the LORD in His Kingdom through the area, declaring Hebrews 12:29 - that God is a Consuming Fire.


At the end of the prayerwalk, the team stopped for a time of worship and seeking the LORD. A word was proclaimed after a prolonged silence, "There is a river that flows from the throne of God". Not long afterwards two city workers pulled up in a truck and opened the fire hydrant and water was running down the street toward the team.


On Thursday morning, April 8, a prayer team also went to Murphy, NC to a place called Fort Butler, the site of the concentration camp for the Cherokee Nation before they were forced to walk the Trail of Tears. In addition, Murphy is also the site of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 1896 - ten years before Azusa Street. Prayer was made for revival among the Native Americans and decrees were made about revival and for the release from depression, poverty, infirmity and addiction for the Native people. At the Fields of the Woods where there was an outpouring of the Spirit, renewal was made to that Covenant Root and petition made for God to send the Holy Spirit and fiery miracles. Intercession was also made for Israel and the arising One New Man Company.


Thursday night, a Praise & Prayer Gathering was held in Raleigh, NC where prayer and scriptural declarations were made over the Carolina based businesses. Petition was made for creative strategies (Deut 8:11-18), and companies were prayed for as the Spirit led. Psalm 103 was declared over NC, and Isaiah 60: 1-2 over state businesses, and prayer made for elected leaders and counsels that made decisions over which businesses to pursue coming into the State which belong to God. The PreAmble was read, declared and prayed over. Daniel 9 was read as a prayer over NC to close the meeting.


On Friday, April 9 - the last day of our week - a prayer team was sent to Reeds Gold Mine and to Uptown Charlotte, NC, where the largest bank in America makes her headquarters (Bank of America), and is the second largest financial center in the nation after New York City.


Reeds Gold Mine was the site of the first Gold Rush in the United States, and is a major root for the economy of our nation, in that at one time it had supplied gold to the Federal Government Mint. At Reeds Gold Mine repentance was made for greed, selfish ambition, pride, offense, bitterness, anger, resentment (between Reed Family members especially), unhealthy focus on riches (instead of on the LORD); murder; stealing / dishonest gain; and use of voodoo and witchcraft to find the gold. After repentance was made, these strongholds were broken in the Name of Jesus. Praise was made to the LORD that He was "more precious than silver, and more costly than gold", and apostolic decrees were made using Job 22:21 - 28 and Psalm 111.


Declaration was also made that the youth and young adults would be the ones to recover the true Gold as in the day that John Reed's son Conrad, who at the age of 12 was the first one to find a 17 lb nugget of gold; and that like James Love's (a Baptist preacher) black slave Peter who found the largest nugget of gold (28 lbs), that God will once again use those humble of heart to find the greatest amount of gold (revelation of Jesus), and that the gates of hell will not be able to prevail against it. (Matthew 16: 18) After prayer was done, one of the intercessors stated, "There's still gold in this area", and also saw a live locust fall from the tree which was interpreted to mean that the LORD was restoring all the years that the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25), which stopped the finding of gold and closed the mine many years ago and stopped the flow of wealth into the region. Interestingly enough, we were there on the anniversary of the last finding of gold on April 9, 1896, and it was noted that the Gold Rush in North Carolina happened about the same time as the Great Revival in the Carolinas, and that there was a direct correlation between the two!


After prayer at Reed's Mine the same prayer team went to Uptown Charlotte, NC, and prayed at the East Gate of the Bank of America building, repenting of dishonest gain, and deceptively increasing interest rates, and for poor stewardship practices.


Afterwards, a Decree of Divorce from the Principality of Baal and the Writ of Assistance was made, followed by the declaration of Psalm 24 (as the Bank of America building is the 24th tallest building in the USA) and Isaiah 60 (as the BofA building has 60 floors) per the Spirit's instructions. During this time of prayer at the East Gate to the BofA, it was noted by one of the intercessors that a man came out with a broom to sweep the outside of the doorway around where we were praying, which was interpreted as a sign that the LORD was indeed cleansing the area of defilement!


After prayer at this site, the team anointed the soles of their feet with the "House of Glory" oil and prayerfully walked through the Foundation Hall which connected the Bank of America with BB&T and Wachovia Bank. Once at Wachovia Bank, the team again repented of dishonest gain and deceptive increases of interest rates imposed on the people and for poor stewardship practices; and once again a Decree of Divorce from the Principality of Baal and the Writ of Assistance was made. The team also prayed through the prophetic meaning of Wachovia (meaning "meadow" per the Moravians). As the Wachovia Building is in the shape of a jukebox, it was declared that this bank will have the joy of the LORD and release it into the atmosphere of the business mountain; and that the righteous root of the Moravians would come through the economy of the Carolinas and the Nation. As the team was headed back to their car, it was noted that there were signs along Tryon St. saying, "Reed All About It!" (which was an advertisement for a musical, but we knew that the LORD was saying that these two sites were related!)


A small prayer team also went out Friday morning to New Bern to pray at the Sudan Shrine Club, where prayer was made that the spirit of Islam that is rooted there would be destroyed and that those hidden things would be revealed to all. Prayer was made that the wealth that goes through the system would be transferred to the Kingdom of God; for salvation for all in the Sudan Club; and that false religions and doctrines in New Bern and North Carolina would be uprooted. Declarations were made that the Blood of Jesus would be over the land and that He would rule. Prayer was also made at the first church that George Whitfield preached at on Sunday, April 4, 1765 (note the date!), crying out for a Great Awakening that would dwarf the last one. The team also prayed at Tryon Palace (the capital and seat of NC government for colonial NC), as it was a defensive point at the joining of the Neuse and Trent Rivers) and petitioned the LORD to protect and defend NC from attacks of the enemy, and that our state would be ready to defend itself and our nation, and that we would stand and not fall under the attacks of the enemy (as in its history).

Our last stop was in Chapel Hill, NC, where the date of April 9, 2010 coincided with the end of the 40 Day Daniel Fast for the Universities. UNC is the first secular/public university in the nation, and prayer was made there for all colleges and universities in North Carolina. Prayer made here is believed is impact the education root for the universities and colleges in the nation. Prayer was started at the Aqueduct Conference center, where it had been a place of healing and release for the Body of Christ since the Charismatic Movement. Declaration was made that that his center will come to its next place of fullness. Students then met at the UNC Bell Tower to pray for the universities; declarations were made for revival on the campuses in North Carolina, and for revelation for research over the State of NC. Much thanksgiving was done for what God was doing in the lives of the students who He has planted in the universities of the State.


In closing, we believe that the LORD has worked powerfully through the covenantal root system of North Carolina through the week of April 2-9, 2010, and that this week of praise, prayer and fasting has only served to propel our State to continue to restore our covenantal roots. Sites that were visited had historical dates that were the same as our week of prayer. This week has been the "boost in the arm" to propel us into a deeper and higher level of prayer research and strategic prayer, and to bring this momentum for restoration of covenantal roots into our regions and cities. We give honor, praise and all glory to God for all that He has done and continues to do.


Mary Medford
Apostolic State Prayer Coordinator
USRPN - North Carolina