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I believe, for many reasons, Kentucky has been a 'hidden' State during this past season. As I began to look again at the prophetic words released during our Fifty State Tour, I was amazed because that time, and the events following, truly appear to have been preparation for the decade we have just stepped into. Even though we have seen some breakthroughs and even sustained victories, we have not obtained our expected level of fulfillment. As I reviewed these prophecies my spirit began to soar, knowing we are entering the fullness of time when His word will manifest and release the destiny of our State and our portion to the Nation(s). For that reason, I am attaching a few of those prophetic words, particularly those linking the State to the entire Nation. The Kentucky 50 State Tour theme was "Run with the Horses" and speakers included Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Barbara Yoder, and Ray Hughes.


"You are called to be a 'WATCHMAN STATE' and it has to do with the anointing of the watchman and the serpent. However, it is for more than just this state. It is for the nation! Through this watchman anointing He is going to show you how to take cities and communities. You're going to erase century old strongholds. You will go to places where blood has defiled the land and false covenants have been made. You will see God erase that thing, and through the power of His spirit, you will see the land transformed." (Dutch Sheets)


"You are literally going to become the 'HEARING STATE' because you must move into a new dimension of the prophetic where you receive greater revelation and operate in a new level of the Spirit of wisdom."(Dutch Sheets)


"God is going to restore the prophetic breath of Kentucky and you will restore the breath of the nation. It will be done by a blast of the wind of God and it represents the 'PROPHETIC ANOINTING'." (Barbara Yoder)


"Kentucky is coming into order now because we need this state for the WAR of the nation. Kentucky will ride the warhorse and the God of War will ride from Kentucky. There will be a warring spirit that will literally speak to the entire nation. Kentucky is on the verge of the biggest change, for God is loosing the horses, the runners, and the riders in Kentucky, and they will ride and run through this nation once again." (Barbara Yoder)


"For there shall break out a spirit of deliverance in this state that shall cause freedom to manifest in the entire nation. For I am dropping a 'MANTLE of DELIVERANCE' in this state," and the Lord said, "Think not it strange that it should happen here, for from this state came one through whom freedom was bought for the African American." And the Lord said, "I am getting ready to do it again."" (Barbara Yoder)


"There is coming an anointing of WAR and of WORSHIP to Kentucky. This new level of war will produce a breakthrough and release which will revolutionize this state. I hear the Lord say, "It will create a 'Great Awakening' which will be both greater and different than the Cane Ridge revival BECAUSE I always do more and take it to another level"." (Dutch Sheets)


"I am changing the horizon line over this Nation and I'm starting here in Kentucky. There will be a new model that comes forth." (Chuck Pierce)


"From Kentucky to DC! Now, I don't know that it means, but it will be. Amen." (Chuck Pierce)


"I heard the Lord say that I am returning a right mantle of war to the White House from this state and vindication."(Barbara Yoder)


"Sound is so important. It is very important that we express in the earth realm what God is expressing in heaven. You'll never unlock Kentucky unless you bring in Kentucky sound, the sound that comes from Kentucky and how God redeems it in the earth and sends it out across the land." (Chuck Pierce) 


"Kentucky has 120 counties so we will just call Kentucky our Upper Room state!" (Chuck Pierce)


"There will be an outcry to arise in this state, from its government, that takes a stand against the laws that will be attempted to be changed. Even when the PLEDGE of this nation is brought up for change, there will come an outcry and a resistance in Kentucky that rises up. All eyes of the nation will begin to see and a voice out of Kentucky will be heard throughout the land. It will cause a remnant from every state to rise up and say, 'We're also saying what Kentucky is saying'!" (Chuck Pierce)


"Watch the gate, the gate of victory mindset is opening. The gate of vindication mindset is about to open and the church is going to move into a new season of enacting Psalm 149. They will vindicate righteousness and there will be justice rendered in favor of the saints."(Jim Goll)


More recently, I was privileged to attend the Passover Celebration in Denton, TX with Chuck Pierce and Glory of Zion International. During the last service, Chuck turned and spoke the following word to me for Kentucky. "God is sending you back to Kentucky to break that mine/mindset, that was released from the mines, off that State and you will form a new 'Shadow of Glory' that will fall upon the whole state". We are currently preparing for a meeting to awaken and mobilize the Triumphant Reserve in Kentucky. The site of the gathering, arranged well before that word was released, is located in the highest coal producing county in our Western coal field. A few years ago, Robert Stearns ministered at an Aglow conference in our state. During worship he saw a map of Kentucky with the word SALVATION written over the entire state. We have seeds of revival in our land and carry it in our hearts. We welcome the Glory of God to take up residence in Kentucky and throughout our nation!"


A BRIEF HISTORY OF KENTUCKY (Abbreviated excerpt taken, with permission, from Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation by Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets)


The name Kentucky comes from a Wyandot Indian word translated as 'Land of Tomorrow'. Shawnee and Cherokee Native Americans living to the North and South used this land for both hunting and warring expeditions during its unoccupied days. Fallen warriors were often buried here and those portions of land were considered sacred. As Anglo explorers began to arrive and travel along Kentucky's rivers, a considerable trade business began to develop with the Indians. This became the source of great rivalry between French and British traders, which eventually culminated into the French and Indian War (1754-63). The Treaty of Paris (1763) had a significant affect on Kentucky history as it opened the door to Anglo colonial expansion beyond the Appalachian highlands through the repeal of political barriers.


Daniel Boone, Kentucky's most famous explorer first arrived in the spring of 1769. By 1775 the Revolutionary War had broken out, and as a result, settler footholds were secured in the Kentucky backwoods. During this same time the first permanent settlement, Harrod's Town, was established. Shortly thereafter, Boonesborough was founded and a Fort was completed in Harrod's Town. In February of 1775, Daniel Boone led a party to blaze a trail from Sycamore Shoals in eastern Tennessee through Cumberland Gap to the south bank of the Kentucky River. In time, this became the Wilderness Road, which provided the means for immigrant travel and expansion. Kentucky's land was rich and full of natural resources and for two hundred years the domestic culture and economy revolved around their abundance.


Originally a part of Virginia, Kentucky became a 'Commonwealth' or fifteenth state on June 1, 1792. Our Capitol is Frankfort which is located on the Kentucky River. During the decade from 1790 - 1800, Kentucky experienced phenomenal growth in population, exploding from 73,677 to 220.995. Farmlands became highly productive and there was an abundance of livestock, which were driven to the eastern Atlantic costal markets. In addition, laws were passed that would open roads and provide other means of transportation including Kentucky's many waterways and the railroad.


Kentuckians were negatively impacted by the War of 1812. As a result, by the year 1819 inflation and fiscal irresponsibility left Kentucky in a precarious situation financially. This led to several decades of uncontrolled expansion of local government. Following the burning of Washington, DC, a bill was introduced into Congress to move the seat of government further west. Kentucky is the only state that was seriously considered for relocation. The move was later dropped.


One of the most remarkable segments of Kentucky's history is in the area of religious growth and influence. Lay ministers were among the earliest settlers and later the state became a 'magnet for missionaries'. The Baptists came as a 'Traveling Church' from Virginia in 1781. Bishop Frances Asbury and a host of Methodist circuit riders crisscrossed the state establishing churches. Roman Catholic missionaries came early to South Central Kentucky and along the Ohio River. Presbyterians were on hand to exert considerable influence in the framing of the first constitution and the formation of the state.


At the turn of the nineteenth century, an extraordinary and very influential 'religious' movement began during revival meetings along the Muddy and Gasper Rivers in south-central Kentucky. The excitement created there soon spread to Cane Ridge in Bourbon County in August 1801, where crowds up to twenty thousand responded to fervent preaching in a new and demonstrative way! People would come with loaded wagons and stay for days, which coined the new word 'campmeeting'.

Between 1801 and 1840 this revival swept the entire South and became known as the "Second Great Awakening". During 1805 Shaker Missionaries came to Kentucky and established a community in Mercer county adding to the strong influence of faith in the Commonwealth.


Research from several sources indicates a Kentucky connection to the Azusa Street Revival that took place in 1906. According to reports, small revival 'brush' fires erupted throughout Kentucky months earlier and spread to Topeka, Kansas and then traveled on to California.


In more recent times, Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky experienced revival in 1970 when the Holy Spirit interrupted chapel services in Hughes Auditorium. The service, scheduled for 50 minutes, lasted 185 hours nonstop, 24 hours a day! Intermittently, it continued for weeks and ultimately spread across the United States and into foreign countries. Asbury experienced a strikingly similar revival in 1950 and a smaller one in 1958. Today the rumblings of another move of God are being felt on campus! Kentucky is a first fruit state for revival.


Kentucky was deeply divided during the Civil War and loyalties were split between the Union and Confederate forces. Plantation owners depended on slave labor and thus supported the South. Strong abolitionists, such as Henry Clay, appealed to those opposed to slavery and were supporters of the North. Although the Kentucky legislature decided for the Union cause, approximately thirty thousand men fought for the Confederacy. Both the President of the Union, Abraham Lincoln, and the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, was born in Kentucky. At the beginning of the war, Kentucky was invaded by Confederate forces. Before being driven out, they established a Confederate Capitol in Bowling Green making Kentucky the only state with both a union and a confederate capitol. During Reconstruction, there was much violence directed toward blacks prompting the Kentucky legislature to pass laws during the 1870s protecting their civil rights.


During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Kentucky established an agricultural economy. Corn, barley, hay, hemp, and tobacco became the major agricultural products. Kentucky Bourbon began to be manufactured during this time using the corn and barley grown in the fields. Kentucky also became a leading center for breeding Thoroughbred horses which also gave birth to the first Kentucky Derby in 1875. Coal mines in eastern Kentucky led the way toward a more industrial economy as workers migrated to the cities. Two major coal fields exist, one in Western Kentucky and the other in the Appalachian Mountains in the east. The state's fortunes declined in the twentieth century, and Kentucky was particularly hard hit during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Today, the Appalachian region of Kentucky is one of the poorest rural areas in the country.


After World War II, Kentucky began a modernization effort that included an interstate road network. Major thoroughfares now make Kentucky only a day's drive for 70 percent of the United States population. With two major International Airports, one in Louisville and the other in Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati, Kentucky can easily accommodate travelers from around the world. An International Hub for UPS is located at the Louisville Airport. Commerce is also transported by an extensive rail system and via the approximately 1600 miles of navigable waterways, including the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers that border the state.


Kentucky is called the 'Bluegrass State' because of the abundant growth of bluegrass on its rich limestone soil. At times fields of bluegrass have a bluish-green hue. Our state bird is the Cardinal and our state flower the Goldenrod. Our motto is 'United We Stand, Divided We Fall' and our colors are royal blue and gold. We are made up of 120 counties.


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· The preamble to the Kentucky Constitution is:

We, the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberties we enjoy, and invoking the continuance of these blessings, do ordain and establish this Constitution.


We are blessed to have a covenant root in our state. Kentucky's Preamble to the Constitution makes a powerful statement. This week we need to acknowledge and express our gratitude toward God for the liberties we still have today and pray for their continuance.


· Kentucky's political climate is in the midst of major change including a race for US Senate, the Mayor of our largest city, and other key positions statewide. Next year a new Governor will be elected. Please pray that every elected or appointed position in our local and state governments will be filled by Godly men and women who can withstand the pitfalls and political intoxication of holding a public office.


· Please pray for our economy. Our unemployment rate is currently double digits across the state with some areas over 20%. State and local governments are struggling to meet budget. Pray this will become an opportunity to break into new and innovative economic structures for the future.


· God is doing something amazing among children in Kentucky as He prepares the forerunners of every generation to lead in their time. Pray for their protection and for more mentors to help equip these young ones.


· Ask the Lord to give us more revelation concerning the Spirit of Infirmity that pervades our state. We lead the nation in several chronic diseases. Pray for a release of healing and miracles statewide.


· Kentucky has a sound! It varies from region to region in our state. Pray for unity in the Body of Christ across our State that will cause a new corporate sound of heaven to arise.


· The embers of world changing revival are still smoldering in Kentucky. They are part of our DNA. Pray for the Spirit of God to breathe on us once again and ignite our hearts to embrace what He is doing in this new season.


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