California Root 52 Prayer Guide

The State Motto:  Eureka (I have found it!)  Our newly declared state motto is, "In God we Trust." In 1959 an attempt had been made to establish "In God we Trust" as the state motto, however in 1963 Eureka was chosen instead.

Some have proposed that California was named for Queen Califa. Califia (probably from the Arabic "Caliph", which was understood by Europeans to mean king/ruler) is a legendary Amazon warrior queen, associated with the mythical Island of California.

Preamble to the Constitution: We, the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution...... California 1879

California is known as The Golden State, The Land of Milk and Honey, The El Dorado State, and The Grape State. 
"Tell California: it's time to cross over! I've brought this state to a place; I've accomplished some things by My Spirit; the potential is there for them, and tell them: It's time to cross over. It's your turn now to take this state across!"

.."If you'll cross over, California, He's going to cross over to you, and He's going to begin to put a seed in you that will impregnate you with life! He's going to give you everything you've been crying out for-for the next generation! He's going to awaken something. There's a generation there that's so ready, ripe for the seed of life-are just waiting for something to come and ignite the flame! And it is going to be the word of the Lord that is released; and all of a sudden, we are going to see a double portion mantle of God come to another generation. We are "pregnant" with it now!" ...(Prophesied 2004 by Dutch Sheets)

Chuck Pierce stated that he saw both a righteous covenant root and an evil root structure in our land. We purpose to uproot, pull down, tear down and destroy the evil root structure as we build and plant in righteousness throughout the state.
"The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof the world and they that dwell therein "California". This is the generation of them that seek him that seek thy face, O Jacob." Psalm 24:16

Our prayer guide will also be translated into Spanish enabling the Spanish churches to pray with us. 

California Constitutional Convention and Statehood

News of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo between the United States and Mexico, which terminated the Mexican War, signed on May 30, 1848, reached California on August 7, 1848. ...A meeting was held in San Jose, at which were adopted resolutions in favor of holding a convention to form a provisional territorial government.

Governor Bennet Riley himself issued a proclamation on June 3, 1849, calling for an election of delegates. There were thirty-seven delegates chosen as follows: two from San Diego; four from Los Angeles; two from Santa Barbara; two from San Luis Obispo; five from Monterey; five from San Jose; five from San Francisco; four from Sonoma; four from Sacramento; and four from San Joaquin.

The convention met in Monterey at Colton Hall, on September 1, 1849, and admitted 48 delegates (eleven delegates in excess of those contemplated by the proclamation). The task of forming this state's Constitution was performed by men of almost every walk of life. Fourteen were lawyers, twelve ranchers, nine merchants, four military men, two printers, two surveyors, two of unknown professions, one banker, one physician, and one man "of elegant leisure."

They came to Monterey to create a state government, rather than a territorial government, out of a part of the territory ceded by Mexico in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 

The Constitution was written in English on parchment, together with a Spanish translation made by the official convention interpreter, also on parchment. In all, the State's Constitutional Convention was in session for forty-three days before it adopted the Constitution on October 10th and adjourned on October 13, 1849.

The 1849 Constitution thus framed was ratified by the people of California at an election held on November 13, 1849. This Constitution served the state both before and after its admission into the union, serving as the basis of government for the State of California until 1879 when a new state constitution was adopted.

Source: California's Constitutional Convention of 1849 By WO1 Mark Denge California Center for Military History

Historical Overview of California

The late 1840s were crucial years leading up to statehood, and are well known for Sutter's Fort, the Mexican-American war, the Bear Flag Rebellion, and the discovery of gold leading to the 1849 Gold Rush. Annexed in 1848 by the U.S., and bypassing the stage of becoming a U.S. territory, California was declared a State in 1850. The state seal reflected this by incorporating the image of the Roman goddess Minerva, who was said to have sprung fully grown from the head of Jupiter/Zeus, her father.

Initial contact with the inhabitants of the land began in 1769 through Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola, and was immediately followed with the establishment of Catholic missions beginning in 1770. Initiated by Fr. Junipero Sera, 21 missions were established from San Diego to Sonoma. According to research Fr. Sera states that he could go no further than Sonoma because he was stopped by the bear spirit. The bear was also the symbol of the Bear Flag Rebellion, which began in Sonoma. Fort Ross was eventually sold to John Sutter, who disassembled it and transported it to Sacramento, where he added it to his fort. It is interesting that the bear is the symbol of Russia, and the Russians established a beachhead in California at Fort Ross in Sonoma County.

Although begun with good intentions, the mission era led to abuses of the native peoples. By 1870, the indigenous population was reduced from 150,000 to 31,000 as a result of disease and massacres. Foreign populations who came to California, such as the Chinese, were also subject to unjust treatment, including murder.

Early Californians were exposed to a variety of religions by the late 1840s, including Catholicism, Mormonism, Buddhism, Judaism, Protestantism, and other Chinese religions. The Freemasons arrived as early as 1848. The first Masonic Lodge in California was established in Benton City in 1848. It was later relocated to Shasta in 1851. The Grand Lodge was established in Sacramento in 1850 during the height of the California Gold Rush and is presently located on California Street in San Francisco.


California has birthed many movements in its 160 year history among which are:

  • The Black Panthers
  • The Satanic church
  • The Hell's Angels
  • The hippie movement
  • The Symbionese Liberation Army
  • The music of the counterculture during the "Summer of Love"

California also birthed many Christian Movements including:

  • The Azusa Street Revival 1906-1915
  • Aimee Semple McPherson founded the Foursquare Church in 1927
  • Billy Graham scheduled a series of revival meetings in Los Angeles in 1949
  • Campus Crusade for Christ was founded in 1951 at the University California, Los Angeles
  • Kathryn Kuhlman's healing ministry has influenced many worldwide healing ministries
  • The Jesus Movement was birthed in Santa Ana in the late 1960's and early 70's
  • The Charismatic Movement was ignited by Dennis Bennett in Van Nuys in1960

  • The Catholic Renewal launched under Francis McNutt in Los Angeles in the early 1970's
  • Although not a complete list, California is a seedbed for future revival


By 1910 California was known as the epicenter of the American eugenics movement, long before Hitler came on the scene.  It performed over half of the forced sterilizations in the nation prior to WWII. California eugenics played an important, although little known, role in the American eugenics movement's campaign for ethnic cleansing.

Elements of the philosophy were enshrined as national policy by forced sterilization and segregation laws, as well as marriage restrictions, enacted in 27 states. In 1909, California became the third state to adopt such laws. Before World War II, nearly half of coercive sterilizations were done in California, and even after the war, the state accounted for a third of all such surgeries.

During the 20th century's first decades, California eugenics included, potent but little- known race scientists, such as Dr. Paul Popenoe, Citrus magnate Paul Gosney, Sacramento banker Charles Goethe, as well as members of the California state Board of Charities and Corrections and the University Of California Board Of Regents. Goethe tirelessly campaigned to restrict Latin American immigration and to increase sterilization of the "socially unfit."


California has been an economic power in the world since its inception.   It competes on the international level with great success and influence, and even with its current economic crisis it still ranks as the 7th largest economy in the world.

California has developed as a major exporter of information and ideas. It's innovations in personal computing paved the way for the Internet. Hollywood influences the world through the film and TV industries. The first Hollywood studio was established in 1911. The San Fernando Valley has been described as the porn capital of America.

California is also known for its other technological advancements, among which are the particle accelerator, the Richter magnitude scale and the Mars Rover. In 1947 the sound barrier was broken in California by test pilot (now retired Major General) Chuck Yeager, who was the first pilot ever to fly faster than the speed of sound. The United Nations Charter was signed in San Francisco in 1945. The concept of global warming originated at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in 1957. Economically, California continues to be recognized as a top U.S. gateway for trade by land and sea through her ports of entry. More cargo and containers move through the Port of Long Beach than any other United States Port. The Port of Long Beach is the premier gateway for Trans-Pacific trade.

Water Issues

Although California has abundant water resources, California has fought many water battles. This includes the latest federal restriction of water to the southern part of the state based on the environmental fight to save the tiny delta smelt, a fish originally imported from Thailand. This has resulted in the lower half of the fertile central valley being called a dust bowl and led to a 40% unemployment rate in that area. 

The drought conditions and water restrictions are causing additional devastating economic and business losses. Statistics stated that Agricultural revenue losses had already exceeded $300 million in early 2009. Governor Schwarzenegger and state lawmakers successfully crafted a plan to meet California's growing water challenges. The plan is comprised of four policy bills and an $11.14 billion bond.

North and the South Unite

Once discovered by the outside world, the land now known as the State of California was conquered and ruled four successive times: the Spanish, the Mexicans, The Bear Flag Republic and the United States. Each time, with the exception of the Spanish, this was accomplished through rebellion.

In 1542 Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo landed at San Diego claiming southern California for Spain. He was commissioned by Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza to lead an expedition up the Pacific Coast in search of trade opportunities. Thirty-seven years later Sir Francis Drake landed north of San Francisco Bay claiming northern California for England. On his voyage he and his crew sacked many Spanish towns filling the hold of their flag ship with gold, silver, gemstones and more.

In review, California was discovered in search of treasure and trade routes and that from the beginning of reported history the land was divided. Both spiritually and naturally California still struggles with the division between the north and the south, although, prophetically God promises for 2010 a healing anointing over California to unite us together.

Prophetic Words for California

Vicki Nohrden July 2010

I saw (in the spirit) a woman sweeping with a broom in front of a house (the background looked like a scene in Italy or Spain); the upstairs windows in the house were wide open.  Then I saw a large body of water swirling in movement with a great momentum.  I heard and declared the words, "Let the healing begin. "Let the healing begin. I see the stirring of waters. It will go into many nations.  It will be stirred and stirred gaining momentum and go forth into many nations.  It will begin and move out into the nations. Let the healing begin. I will heal the land.  Let the healing begin." 

Barbara Wentroble April 2010
I just so see that state of California. Chuck just prophesied over someone about the north south war and you have the same thing in California. The Lord said I'm going to show you how to bring that state together for there are those with a heart for revival and the heart for reformation in that state but it's all been localized, and God said I'm going to show you how to join the state together and those pockets of revival and those pockets of renewal that have been springing up all over that state. God said now they're going to begin to join forces together in a new way. It's like a net that I see God putting over that state you know they throw out the net and they pull in the fish off the coast of California and I saw God just throwing this net over the state of California to begin to pull them together in a new way.

Chuck Pierce April 2010
The Lord says 2010 I begin. So the Lord says look and establish your outposts throughout the state. You be the first to establish your outpost of what I'm doing and vie for the glory, vie for the glory. Vie for the glory vie for the glory and then the land, vie for the glory and then the land go to the key bridge areas and vie for the glory I say to you this is your day in California and I say do it my way. And the Lord says it begins at Pentecost.

Cindy Jacobs 2009  
Several years ago, the Lord showed my husband Mike that what is called the Bay Area in California, which includes cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, Vallejo and San Jose, is like a "womb" of the spirit. This insight caused my prophetic gift to "kick in" with the word that God had created the Bay Area to be a womb called to birth new moves of God in many sectors of society, and these movements would influence the whole world.

...we saw that the bay physically resembled a womb, with the birth canal located in the area of the Golden Gate Bridge. In meeting with pastors and leaders from the Bay Area, I have come to believe that God has raised up a generation that is anointed to "reverse the curse" and shift the entire Bay Area to righteousness. The prophecy that God gave me went on to say that if all the churches in the Bay Area would "push together" or come together in unity, a great move of God would be birthed.

Chuck Pierce February 2007
.. California will have wars over water. You won't have war over oil. You will have war over water and you being the biggest supplier of our agriculture and our produce, the real war will come in California over water.

Chuck Pierce Dream of Minerva 1991

He states:
In the dream I was standing in the middle of a vast land, and in the dream from the heavens there began to form a shield over that particular land. Now this shield began to cover the land, and it looked exactly like a stealth bomber and the shield began to get lower and lower. Well, as the people of that land began to see the shield press down upon them they..fear began to grip them, they began to scatter, they began to go in every direction. The Spirit of God then spoke to me in the dream and He said, "Do not bow your head to that shield." He said, "I want you to plant your feet, and keep your head high, no matter how much that shield presses down, hold your head erect." Well it was a great test, in this dream, even because this thing was very noisy, as it began to press down lower.

I looked up at the shield, and on this shield there was a word. I had no understanding of this, whatsoever, I didn't know much about you, or anything much about the history of the state, other than the major historical facts.

On the shield, as it pressed down upon me there was a word that was emblazoned upon it, and the word said, "Minerva." It kept going lower and lower and lower. Fear began to grab the land, and the people of the land, and the Lord would not let me move. Then that shield began to come down so low to take over the land, and to superimpose itself over the entire portion of the land. I planted my feet, kept my head erect, and the shield when it dropped down on my head broke in two. I didn't have any idea what that meant, I just knew the dream was from the Lord.

I got over to the prayer meeting. I shared with the prayer meeting. I had the strangest dream last night. I shared that with Cindy Jacobs and Cindy said, "This is the state of California." That's the shield of California with Minerva on it." And the Lord spoke to me and he said, "If I can find a people who will stand with their head erect in that State, the powers and principalities over that State will not be able to subdue the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Now I want to say to you God is mobilizing, he is mobilizing you to take a stand and to plant your feet, and to keep your head erect this hour. He wants the iniquities off of you. He wants any shame off of you. He wants any fear off of you, and He wants your head to be held high. And the powers that are linked with this state will not be able to take this land over.

Prophecy by Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets during 50-State Tour, Feb 1-2, 2004
..."This is My hour to fix a fracture in San Diego; the fracture must be addressed now or else the enemy will come in through this crack! San Diego must cross over! I'm going to move with an unprecedented move of healing in San Francisco. This move of healing in San Francisco will defy the religious spirits and focus in this land! The Body is cursing the people of this city and keeping them from coming into freedom! Therefore, this is My hour to cross San Francisco over!" (Prophesied by Chuck D. Pierce) Shout: "San Francisco will cross over!"

"Cross into miraculous, deliverance, miracles, salvation; you need to cross out of the religious spirit. You're going to break into freedom!" (Prophesied by Dutch Sheets)

"I would say to you there's an anointing for Northern California moving toward Sacramento. Sacramento, I am ready to roll into your city! You will be known as a city of worship. Cross over Sacramento!" (Prophesied by Chuck D. Pierce)

"I'm going to bring a reformation into the Catholic people of California. The Catholic people will fall under My power. And the spell that has been on the Catholics of California will begin to break. A reformation of government change will invade the Catholic Church of California and shake this nation and even affect the world. I say to the Catholics of California: Cross over! And I would say to San Jose: You will be a city like a magnet. I will even treat you like a magnet school, for many will be streamlining their ideas together, and think tanks will begin to come into this city. Many will lay down their agendas and innovations-new and fresh-that will change the course of travel, change the course of history--arise from San Jose. I say to you: Become a refuge for the thinkers of this land, and allow Me to invade their minds. I say to San Jose: Cross over! And I would say: I'm ready to cross over the youth in California. And I say: I will target the Black community in L.A. I say: Cross over into the Black community and call forth and unlock the captives there so that the youth in the Black community of California can affect the way that the police departments of this land are being operated. I say: Cross over Black community of L.A. I say: Youth-move across! And I would say to you: I am dropping an evangelistic mantle on the Hispanic community of this state. I say: The Hispanic community will rise up with great boldness and strength, and that passion will be liberated, and they will unlock many captives and draw them into My Kingdom. I say to the Hispanic community: Cross over!

"I say to the 'groin' [and I don't know where this is-you'll have to look at this on the map]; I say to the 'groin' of California: There will be a fracture, and it will create a shaking, and it will seem like the state is weakened; but from the very 'groin' of California a net will be placed in, and that net will produce a new strength, and I say, from that area I will cause this state to rise up and stand with Me in the day of adversity. I say to the 'groin' of California: Though you tear this year, you will rise up with new strength in the future. California: Cross over! And I would say to California: War is in your midst-it will be known that war is in California. But I say to you: Though this state has been passive toward My purposes in the past, it will be known that God's warriors shave arisen in California! CROSS OVER!" (Prophesied by Chuck D. Pierce)

We are "pregnant" with it now! Maybe that's why this word is here in California; maybe it has something to do with "The Call"; maybe it has something to do with what God has been doing among others in this state; maybe we are close, maybe we are "pregnant" with an anointing to do something with the next generation that is going to totally dethrone and throw her off the wall-the spirits and principalities, the spirit of death, the spirit of Molech, the love of Mammon, and worship of idols. Maybe we're about to see a generation empowered with the double portion anointing of Elisha and a Jehu mantle that will say, "Come ride with me in my chariot, and I will show you the zeal of the Lord!" He's coming to us with His seed. (We're going to decree and prophesy to this next generation.) (Prophesied by Dutch Sheets.)

The first time the word reproach is used in the Bible, it's directed toward a barren womb; the opposite of a barren womb is one that has been "impregnated." God is saying, "I am ready to cause My seed to come in, and what has been barren I am ready to break open. I am ready for the hostility of the womb of California to change today. Signs and wonders will come over barren wombs in California, and it will be a sign that the womb of California is no longer hostile to My conception." One other thing the Lord would say, "The womb of California has been defiled, and I would say I am ready to cleanse the defilement out of the womb, and I would say some have made decisions to hold this defilement in place in government, and I am ready to shift the powers of defilement in this state! I would say train yourself to 'box' this year, for I am ready to remove the current 'Boxer' that's in the ring of this state. However, you must be willing to get into the ring; you must be willing to stand and box and then watch; watch things begin to change. I say, cross over into the ring and box this year. I would say, what has been fine in this state is no longer fine with Me. Take your stand and trade 'fine' for the 'best' I have. I say, the womb of the state has been defiled. I say, I am ready to cleanse the womb, break the defilement, cause the hostility of the womb to change. I am ready to birth My purpose in this state.

"I call California, Naboth's vineyard, this year [ see 1 Kings 19-21). There will be great contending of evil forces to gain legal control over California this year." The tax structure becomes very important. The legality of government becomes very important this year because the enemy wants Naboth's vineyard. It was right next to Ahab's kingdom and Ahab tried everything he could to get it. Jezebel (manifestation of Minerva on state shield) finds a way to take it through religious accusation. "there will be a rising up of religious structures in California this year that will try to move into a government office/arena so that California is being controlled in a way that is not lawful from Heaven."

..We must raise up that intercessory strength in every county in California this year. God has people who will mobilize and get people in place. "There will come a layer of darkness across the state if you do not contend for it. I am giving My people time to get in order. Plow up, dig up, and fertilize this year. I am calling My people to leap forward."

...I say, get ready. I am contending with this vineyard and I do not want Ahab to have it" (Prophesied by Chick D. Pierce)

Seven Mountain Prayers


Prop 8 Decision
In November 2008 California voted by 52% in favor of Proposition 8 for traditional marriage, that marriage is between one man and one woman. The opposition appealed the ruling and in June 2009 the California Supreme Court in San Francisco upheld Prop 8 and the will of the people.  It was then appealed to the US District Court for the Northern District of California, also located in San Francisco.  The appeal was heard by Chief Judge Vaughn Walker, who ruled that Prop. 8 was unconstitutional on Wednesday, August 4, 2010.  It will now be heard at the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, again located in San Francisco.

We declare the judicial system will judge righteously regarding the Prop 8 amendment. Isaiah 1:26, Duet. 16:18-20, Psalm 2:10-12

Pray that the hearts of the fathers would be turned towards the children and the hearts of the children towards the fathers. Malachi 4:6

Pray that husbands and wives would honor their marriage covenant before God. Ephesians 5:22-25


State Budget
The annual state budget is stalemated. Governor Schwarzenegger is refusing to sign any budget that doesn't contain budget and pension restrictions with long-term effects. He has stated that he will not sign a budget that does not contain his demands, and would be willing to stretch the budget crisis out until the next Governor takes office in January.

The state's budget deficit of $20 billion is growing daily, and they say that the state will run out of money by October unless a budget is passed.

We declare that the stalemate between the parties is broken and the wisdom that comes from God will be received and released upon the governing body of the state to make righteous decisions for the future budget of California.
Pray for financial integrity on the part of our State authorities to be based on Biblical principles.

Upcoming Election in November 2010 - Key Positions [incumbent listed first]
Governor * - Meg Whitman-R vs. Jerry Brown-D
Lt. Governor * - Gavin Newsom-D vs. Abel Maldonado-R
Secretary of State - Debra Bowen-D vs. Damon J. Dunn-R
Controller - John Chiang-D vs. State Senator Tony Strickland-R
Superintendent of Public Instruction * - Michael N. "Mike" Villenes-R ** vs. Dave Jones-D
District 8 - Nancy Pelosi-D vs. John Dennis-R
U.S. Senate -Barbara Boxer-D vs. Carly Fiorina-R
U.S. Congress - Elton Gallegly-R  vs. Timothy James "Tim" Allison-D
U.S. Congress - Fortney "Pete" Stark-D vs. John Dennis-R
U.S. Congress - Thomas "Tom" McClintock-R vs Clint Curtis-D
*No incumbent
**Currently State Assemblyman

Pray that all current and future state government officials would be open to the Lord and His purposes for our state.

Pray that the Lord would expose corruption on all levels, and that the eyes and ears of the people of California would vote righteously. Genesis 1:3-4

Pray that the Church would move in great governmental authority. Isaiah 11:2-4

Border Security
At the San Ysidro Port of Entry (San Diego), the world's busiest land border crossing, the number of individual crossings peaked in fiscal 2003 with 47.4 million, according to Customs and Border Protection. In the past fiscal year, the total had dipped to 30.3 million, a decrease of 36 percent. Figures for the first eight months of the current fiscal year - through May 31 - show that the steep downward trend has slowed, and in some cases been reversed. There are six ports of entry on the California border.

Source: The San Diego Union Tribune 8-3-2010 Sandy Dibble

Pray for all law enforcement officers, including border patrol, and that criminal intent would be exposed.

Pray that the spirit of lawlessness would be bound in our state, and that crime would be drastically reduced.

We declare that our borders will be lawfully secured and all unlawful drug dealing, Narco-terrorism, and human trafficking will be exposed and fully prosecuted.

California used to be the top state in the nation when it comes to education. It now ranks 49th. We don't need to look very far to discover why. The Los Angeles School District currently has a 60% drop out rate. 

Pray for a shifting in the educational mountain, and that the Body of Christ would be granted favor and be given strategies to influence education and to reverse the decline of quality education in our state.

Pray that the minds of our children (and also adults who were educated in this state) would be opened to truth, and freed from mindsets/strongholds that oppose God.

Pray that godly leadership will be employed throughout our education system such as teachers, principals, counselors, college professors, coaches, school superintendents, etc.

We declare that an awakening wind would blow upon our educational system. We declare a shift in the hearts and minds of those influencing the education mountain.


Biotech Industry
San Francisco Bay area and San Diego are home to two of the three largest concentrations of biotechnology companies in the world. Numerous Research institutes create an incubator of ideas that attract venture capitalist and business entrepreneurs. The California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act (Proposition 71) was introduced in November 2, 2004 by voters in California's general election.  It established the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to regulate stem cell research and authorized $3 billion in state bond funding for stem cell research. This has opened the door for embryonic stem cell use.

Pray that scientists and researchers have integrity in their research.

Pray that environmental movements would cease to impact the state when their plans are contrary to God's purposes.

We declare that all research by those influenced as "race scientist" surrounding the stem cell research projects will come to naught.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for California was 12.2% as of June 2010. The inland counties of California are the hardest hit region of the country, with higher rates over a wider area than anywhere in the country. In the southern Central Valley some sources have placed unemployment here as high as 40% at times.

We declare that it is God who gives us the power to get wealth to establish his covenant and we say California align with God's ways. We declare that new job opportunities will open up and witty inventions will increase bringing solutions to California's economic situation.

Pray that righteousness, justice and truth would prevail in California's business arena.

Pray that Christian leaders might find favor and rise up as they operate with integrity and bless their employees, and that they might prosper.  


The Body of Christ in California showed tremendous organization, mobilization and unifying during the Prop 8 battle, but at other times struggles to keep unity.  The new wineskin is forming in California as a remnant is arising to hold the ground and speak firmly on moral Biblical issues.

The month of Elul begins on August 11th.  In the Jewish tradition, the month of Elul isa time of repentance in preparation for the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The word "Elul" is similar to the root of the verb "to search" in Aramaic. Also note that Ramadan is scheduled to begin on August 11th concluding September 10th.

Pray that California will covenant with Israel and that we will choose to search our hearts in preparation for the Day of Atonement.

Pray that the church of California would be willing to submit ourselves to God, to humble ourselves before Him and turn from our wicked ways. 11 Chronicles 7:13-14

Pray for unity of the Body in California according to Psalm 133.

Pray for a great awakening in this state, and that signs and wonders would follow those who believe.

Pray that the eyes of Californians would be opened to see false religion for what it is.

Pray that the Body in California will rise up and walk in holiness, repentance and truth motivated by love.

Pray that the upcoming CALL in Sacramento September 3-4 will gather both young and old unifying and mobilizing the church within the state to present themselves living stones to repair the altar of the Lord and that God would meet us and answer by Holy Fire.

Pray that the real Jesus will be revealed through His body. Bind the religious spirits that want to operate in the flesh. We call forth the sons of God to be made manifest.

We declare we are being formed as a new wineskin and His governmental authority is rising within and upon us.


Ephesians 2:2 states that Satan is known as the prince of the power of the air and we have seen his expression of influence in the media mountain through pornography, biased news reporting and unrighteous slander and charter assassination in printed media. We observed the twisting of communication and we will no longer tolerate it in California. We call it unlawful in our land under our jurisdiction.

We take authority over the spirit of leviathan that purposes to twist and subvert communications in California. We decree leviathan will no longer operate without restraint over the airwaves of California.

Pray for God to pour out His spirit on the media.

Pray for Christians to prosper and be raised up as leaders in the electronic and print media.

Pray for the Body of Christ already in the Media Mountain in California. Pray that they will not compromise, that they will speak the truth.

Pray that the truth of God would be felt in the schools of Journalism and Communication in California universities and colleges.


Arts, music, sports, fashion and entertainment should celebrate life and reflect God's creativity. As the major center for setting film and TV standards, the cities of Santa Monica and Venice are impacting Hollywood, the nation and the world with their emphasis on violence, infidelity, werewolves, witches and magic. Those who work in the industry and promote wholesome entertainment need to be lifted up in prayer for God's favor and protection.

We declare that the spirit of the sovereign Lord will break into the heart of the Arts and Entertainment Mountain and will purge it from the unclean and perverse imagery that purposes to distort and promote evil for good and good for evil.

California State Meetings and Prayer Times August 13-20, 2010

Please visit our website for further information and updates:

August 13  Napa  7PM
The Rock Worship Center   1758 Industrial Way Napa, CA. 94558
Hosts Pastors Larry and Carole Beisel   Contact Bea Tapparo @ 707 225-5902 

August 14 San Francisco 12 noon- 5PM
Promised Land Fellowship 1663 Market Street @ the corner of Gough
(between 12th St. & Page St.) San Francisco, CA 94103
Hosted by: San Francisco House of Prayer for All Nations
There will be free parking provided in the lot at the end of Stevenson St. behind the building Contact Anne Trumbo @ 415 606-5354

August 14 Los Osos 7PM
Los Osos Christian Fellowship 1335 7th Street, Los Osos, CA 93402
Pastor Randy Nash

August 15 San Louis Obispo 6PM
Agape Christian Church 950 Laureate Lane, SLO, CA. 93405
Pastor Mike Sparrow

August 15  Statewide "Worship in the High Places"  7PM
Call to all 58 counties to release worship from the top of the mountains!!

August 16 OAKHURST 24 hour prayer for California
High Sierra Epicenter Prayer Room  40176 Hwy 41 Oakhurst, CA.
Contact Candi MacAlpine 559.683.3460 or 559-760.4101

August 16 Grover Beach 8AM
Bible Depot Bookstore 805 West Grande Ave. Grover beach, CA. 93433
Scott and Susan Pigeon

***August 17 RPN-CA Isaiah 58 Statewide day of Fasting***
***RPN-CA Statewide Conference Prayer Call  7PM-9PM***
Conference Number 712 775-7100 with an access code of 893924#
Contact Vicki Nohrden 831 915-4899

August 18 Camarillo Statewide Meeting 7 PM
Jubilee Church 1169 Calle Suerte Camarillo, CA
Pastor Steve Dittmer
Contact Stephanie Ferguson @  or
Vicki Nohrden @ 
August 18  Santa Maria  7PM
Santa Maria Foursquare Church 709 N. Curryer St. Santa Maria, CA 93458
Pastor Roger Wheeler

August 18 Los Osos 7PM
Los Osos Christian Fellowship 1335 7th St. Los Osos, CA 93402
Pastor Randy Nash

August 19  Modesto 10AM- NOON
Bread and Wine Ministries
Contact Lida Lockard @ 209 523-0176

August 20 San Diego 7PM
Skyline Church Hwy 94 at Jamacha Blvd. 11330 Campo Rd. La Mesa,CA.
Hosted by Uniting our Hearts in Prayer Contact Keat and Judy Wade 619 335-0410

August 20  Santa Maria 7PM
Iglesia Int'l Casa De Dios (Bi-Lingual)
1265 West McCoy Lane Santa Maria, CA. 93455
Apostle Ricardo Herrera

We declare there's an awakening sound in the land that is creating a rumbling, a shaking, a shattering a resounding victory, and we declare this is the sound of the reformation of the blood of the Lamb. This sound will scatter our enemies releasing a sound of deliverance to set men free. We hear the sound that's calling us to rise up to stand and take our place. We join our voices with heaven to sing the song of the Passover lamb.

Submitted by,
Vicki Nohrden, USRPN - CA
Apostolic State Prayer Coorinator