Prayer Activism by Cindy Jacobs

September 26, 2012


An article written by Cindy Jacobs for the October 2012 edition of Charisma Magazine.

Four years ago we met with our 50 state leaders of the United States Reformation Prayer Network in New York City. We were preparing to intercede with prayer about the Wall Street crisis and were strategizing over national issues as well. You might be aware that the name of our ministry is Generals International and the USRPN is the prayer side of our mission.


I posed this question to our leaders: “We have prayed for the ending of abortion, for the U.S. to be a righteous nation. Why haven’t we succeeded?” The cumulative answer was that we needed not only to pray, but we needed to act. We now call the marriage of these two, prayer activism. What does this mean? We need to, in some sense, not only pray, but also to become the answer to prayer. In other words, never pray a prayer to which you are not willing to become the answer.


Each of our state leaders understands this on many levels. We need to pray and get people to register to vote. If necessary, we need to write letters to Congress.


Looking back at our history, we realize that we should have barraged our government leaders on every level when prayer was taken out of school. Our voices should have been heard without ceasing when it was made legal for babies to be killed in the womb. For many, we have been too passive in action while decrying the decisions made at the top levels of our nation that in no way reflect who we are as a people.


This is why we are determined to raise up an army of intercessors who both pray and act. In fact, we want to mobilize 10,000 praying people in every state; 500,000 for America. Can you imagine the strength of those kinds of numbers? There is nothing we could not see changed through praying and acting.


As Generals, we strategized on how to see this accomplished. This is the plan. We have developed a communications platform with a site for each of the fifty states. Then, we have five strategic prayer points for each day. A monthly newsletter is sent out with the most critical issues you need to know for the nation and elections. All of this is completely free. You only need to sign up in order to join an army that knows how to both pray and act. When you sign up, you will automatically be plugged into the prayer army for your state. Among other things, you will receive a daily prayer guide for the 40 days leading up to the elections.


We have this challenge before us: “Will the U.S. become that shining city set on a hill that our forefathers dreamed of or will we loose our redemptive collective destiny?


Sign up now for the United States Reformation Prayer Network at and make a difference today. It’s free!