God’s Will & Your Destiny

As the world trembles in fear from economic collapse, rumors of wars and growing natural disasters, it’s easy to lose hope. The good news is that God remains faithful to His promise to “...never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5) In this encouraging two-message set, Cindy Jacobs will help you capture your destiny as you discover God’s will for your life.



How to Hear God

Does God still speak today? How does He lead us in these noisy and turbulent times? These are just a couple of the timely questions that you’ll hear answered in Mike and Cindy Jacobs’ new 8-part series on DVD. God is speaking. Our challenge is to recognize His voice and then act on His directions. Discover how you can hear God’s voice and confidently face the future.



$10 orig. $11.99

Possessing the Gates of the Enemy

This classic, now in its third edition, will equip you to be an effective and confident spiritual warrior. Discover how to storm the gates of the enemy...and win!


$10 orig. $18.99

The Reformation Manifesto

It’s time for action! Find out the divine directives needed to fulfill Christ's command to pray and work for His kingdom here on earth. Cindy Jacobs reveals our critical role.


$10 orig. $11.95

The Power of Persistent Prayer

Do you want your prayers to have a greater impact? Discover what Cindy Jacobs has learned through her years of powerful, biblical and persistent prayer.


$4.95 - CD

DVD - $9.95 orig. $11.95

Justice League

Cindy's fiery charge for today’s youth is to be carriers of justice! Young revivalists must embrace the power of the Living God to be bearers of truth and avengers of injustice.