The ministry known today as Generals International was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) church organization in 1985 by Dr.'s Mike and Cindy Jacobs in the town of Weatherford, Texas. Originally named Crown of Glory Ministries, it started as a small group of leaders gathering to discuss and intercede for the corporate sin issues of the nation and grew into a network of intercessory leaders across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.


As Crown of Glory moved from a local group to a national, and then international, ministry, they had to change their name. When Cindy was praying for the nation, God told her to call together the intercessory strategy-makers, or generals. After gathering leaders together from across the nation in conferences called Generals of Intercession, Crown of Glory became known as Generals of Intercession.


As Mike and Cindy continued mobilizing intercession around the world, the ministry began to move into depths of the prophetic, and the voice of God was touching and changing nations. The Word of the Lord was brought forth from Cindy, as His mouthpiece, and she and Mike watched as God fulfilled the words that He sent forth into the nations. It was when Generals of Intercession began to transition into the ministry of the prophetic, grew its prayer network, and created Deborah Company that it progressed into Generals International.


From a small gathering of intercessory leaders to an international movement, God has placed a calling on Generals International to reform the nations of the world through ministering in the prophetic and apostolic.